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School Air Patrol

GSR has partnered with Plume Labs, the creators of the Flow Monitor and the brains behind London’s Air Quality Pigeon Patrol, to provide an opportunity for schools  in NW3, London, and students to collaborate and gather air quality data.  ​

The Plume Pilot project in brief: ​​

  • Each student used a Plume Monitor to measure the air quality that they experience on their journeys. This helped them identify the healthiest way to travel to school.

  • Students created a journal about what they noticed and observed, in near real time, the quality of the air they were breathing in terms of NO2, Variable Organic Compounds and Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10).

  • Results from all of the students will were used to generate area air quality heat maps and were developed into a final report for all of the schools to share.

  • Participating students acted as ambassadors to their schools and liaised with international students also engaged with Plume Labs.

  • Participating schools and students had a tech based introduction to the chemistry and physics of air quality. The joint monitoring continued over a 4-week time period.  

If you would like to learn more about this project, get in touch with us at: 

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