What You Can Do

If you want to help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, particularly near your children's school, choose to walk, cycle or use public transport for the school run.

When none of these options are viable, consider school buses and car sharing. 


And if you are keen to help even further, here's a list of things you can do right now!

Green School Runs is here to provide help and support to all the initiatives listed below, and many more! 

Walking bus

Join an existing walking bus or start your own. 


Stop idling and ask other to do the same. Here's how. 

School Eco-champion

Become an eco champion at your child's school. 

School buses

Support local school buses.

Join us

Come to our next meeting and see what you can do to help

Park & Stride

Apply for a parking space at the O2 Centre, Finchley road. 

Make a pledge

For example, use Click and Collect for all your deliveries.


Ask your school to join Homerun.

Plume Pilot

Find out more about GSR's partnership with Plume Labs.